Narsingdi | Thursday, 30 March 2023, 15 Chaitro 1429, 01:32:01

Narshindi TSCThis institute founded in 2002 to operate SSC (Voc) and HSS(Voc) courses as a comprehensive, government institute. It is an excellent institution in Bangladesh, serving as the premier educational and learning center for Bangladesh. In addition to offering an excellent technical and vocational education program, the institute continues to be an integral component of economic and social development initiatives. Narsingdi technical school & college are distinguished by an excellent, co-curriculum activity, social relational program, faculty and dedicated staff. Students are afforded a supportive environment in order to expand their knowledge, the primary program emphasis at the institute is high-quality, affordable certificate programs. The institute acknowledges its responsibility to enrich the educational opportunities for students throughout the country and to provide programs and services responsive to the industrial, practical field and community service, and economic development needs of the region


Scope of Narsingdi Technical School & College:

Narsingdi technical school & college is a government institute with the power and authority to provide education, training and to confer vocational degrees, and certificates in four branches of knowledge including, general subjects, computer and information technology, building maintenance, general electronics, and general electrical works trade. The levels of education will include higher secondary school level.